ICAT Certifications

ICAT-INTERNATIONAL CENTER FOR AUTOMOTIVE is India’s premier Homologation and Testing centre developed under NATRiP by Govt. of India. It is one of the agencies notified under CMV rule no 126 for issuance of “TYPE APPROVAL CERTIFICATE (TAC)” and “CONFORMITY OF PRODUCTION (COP) Certificate”.

ICAT is catering to the certification requirements of all categories of vehicles as per CMVR, 1989 including 2W, 3W, 4W, EV’s, Quadricycle, E-cart, Tractor, E-Rickshaw, Bus, Truck, Trailer, CEV, Power Tiller, Combine Harvestor & special purpose vehicles.

Our Scope

  • 1) We will register your company at ICAT.
  • 2) We will receive your vehicle, fit the reflectors and make necessary modification required for certification. Do the self test and share our feed back to you before submitting the vehicle to ICAT.
  • 3) We will make the necessary documentation and drawing required for ICAT.
  • 4) We will submit the application to ICAT.
  • 5) We will submit the vehicle to ICAT and will make necessary arrangement for its transportation form our premise to ICAT unit 1, Unit 2 and back from there to our premise.
  • 6) If required we will fit the logo/ sticker etc.
  • 7) We will coordinate with ICAT and will get the schedule, attend all the tests and will share you the feed back after each test.
  • 8) We will receive the certificate from ICAT and will courier to you.

ICAT Process

  • 1) Vehicle will be subjected to 3 power tests, brake test, lamp test, weight and dimension, documentation, check sheet verification, collecting the report  from different departments and final certification.
  • 2) Approximate time in completing all the tests once the vehicle is received to us- 10 working days (Approximate).
  • 3) Certification - 30 working days (Approximate).